Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology is an art and science based on the principle that the body is reflected on the feet and hands. The feet are a mirror image of the entire body. The application of pressure to these reflex areas promote circulation, relaxation, and balance. Reflexology is primarily a relaxation technique. Many of our health problems can be linked to stress. Reflexology can negate the effects of stress while it helps the body relax. Through relaxation, the body is able to help itself deal with any problem it may be experiencing. Reflexology gently nudges the body toward better functioning by improving and stimulating lymphatic drainage and circulation, breaking down calcification between nerve pathways, and aiding in muscle relaxation. It is a non-invasive, effective, and natural approach to healing. A productive, healthy and fulfilled existence is within reach. It is not necessary to suffer through life riddled with pain. We need to look no further than the soles of our feet for relief. If we take care of our feet, they will take care of us and the rewards can be remarkable. We can say to our feet, with genuine gratitude, “thanks for the support!”

Private Sessions

Individual sessions in your home or my office will last approximately one hour. You are seated in a comfortable reclining chair and your feet are elevated. Using thumbs and fingers, with an acupressure technique to stimulate the reflexes in your feet, the entire body is relaxed. The benefits of reflexology are cumulative, best achieved when sessions are received on a regular basis. It focuses solely on the feet and requires no special preparation.


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